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Premium Brands - Michelin

Michelin is one of the largest tyre companies in the world, producing more than 150 million tyres a year.

It was founded in 1889, in the French city of Clermont-Ferrand by brothers Andre and Edouard Michelin and established itself in the UK in 1905. The company quickly emerged as a market leader thanks to its revolutionary tyres and its popularity was helped by its ubiquitous corporate mascot Bibendum, more commonly known as the Michelin Man.

Success in motorsport helped to further enhance Michelin's reputation with numerous titles on two wheels and four. The company won the Formula One world title with Brabham in the 1980s, having introduced radial tyre technology to the sport. They dominated motorcycling for decades, winning 360 MotoGP races between 1972 and 2008, and supplying 14 consecutive world champions. In recent years the company has been the leading tyre supplier in endurance racing, having won the famous Le Mans 24-Hour race in each of the 15 years.

Michelin's innovative designs and respected longevity have seen the company establish itself as the most popular tyre brand in Europe. In recent years, the company has put a great deal of effort into sustainable mobility, aiming to reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gases from transport.

Michelin also places a lot of emphasis on producing tyres that give the best value for customers, as well as maximising safety. The Michelin Energy Saver tyre is proven to reduce stopping distances by up to three metres, compared to other tyres and can help save as much as 80 litres of fuel, based on rolling resistance tests carried out by TÜV SÜD. The company also claims the average life span for its tyres is 28,000 miles, which is enough to drive around the world at the equator!

The Michelin Primacy 3 tyre is designed for optimal grip and shorter braking distances on both wet and dry roads and is the preferred choice for luxury and high-performance vehicles. The Primacy 3 keeps the entire tread block surface area in contact with the road due to a new patented tread design with auto-blocking sipes.

Premium Brands - Bridgestone Tyres

Founded in 1931 by Shojiro Ishibashi, Bridgestone has quickly become Japan and Asia's most successful and popular tyre brand. As well as diversifying its production to other industries such as golf equipment, bicycles, aircraft and industrial products such as foam for bedding and furniture.

Their primary market has been high quality tyre development, and ensuring that they are constantly at the forefront of technological advancements to keep them competing as one of the top six premium brands available on the market.

In the late 1980s, Bridgestone moved to purchase Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in a deal worth around $2.6 billion, propelling Bridgestone to the top of the US tyre market as the premium choice for American drivers.

Their pedigree on the racing track is also one to envy for other tyre brands. Bridgestone managed to force out rival company, Goodyear, from IndyCar open-wheel racing and their Firestone range of tyres have been the sole provider of tyres ever since. They were also contracted as the sole provider of Formula1 tyres from 2007-10 before Pirelli announced that they would take over a renewed contract for the 2011 season.

For everyday use, Bridgestone provide a comprehensive range of car, van, 4x4, motorcycle, truck and bus tyres of the highest quality. Bridgestone have a relentless attitude to developing the safest tyres available, without any compromise on fuel economy and road noise performance.

There is currently a huge push on environmentally friendly Bridgestone tyres, with their Ecopia range being a massive hit with premium tyre choosers around the world. They are purely designed as a high-class range to help lower your carbon footprint whilst driving, without conceding your comfort and safety.

With the Ecopia range, rolling distances are dramatically reduced which, in turn, lowers the amount of fuel you use, improves mileage and slashes carbon emissions. This is the super-eco version of all of Bridgestone's everyday tyres, which are also eco-friendly, and are available from Asda tyres at the lowest prices possible.

Premium Brands - Continental

As one of the oldest tyre manufacturing brands in the world, Continental have over 130 years of design, manufacturing and rubber innovation experience. Founded in Hannover, Continental produced solid tyres for carriages and bicycles, and was the first German company to manufacture pneumatic bicycle tyres.

In the early-mid 20th Century, Continental enjoyed some fantastic racing success, with consecutive wins in Germany, Libya and Italy, but they eventually turned their attention to focus more fully on commercial and consumer products, so began mass production of radial tyres in 1960.

Throughout the decades, Continental has expanded throughout European, North and South American and Asian countries, gathering inspiration and techniques as they progressed to bring the best technologies and products to their customers.

Together with Bridgestone, they developed run-flat tyres in the early 21st Century, to ensure that there is a standardised system installed on tyres that enable drivers to travel up to 50 miles at up to 50mph with a completely flat tyre in order to get to a garage or safe place to change the wheel.

Almost a third of all brand new cars that come off the production line are fitted with Continental tyres as original equipment, making them the most popular tyre choice for car manufacturers across Europe.

Their motto of "Safety First!" encompasses every product that is produced and innovative developments and research keep Continental at the forefront of the tyre market with environmentally friendly and fuel efficient tyres for cars, 4x4's, vans and coaches.

The latest technological advancement is the ContiSeal tyre, which contains a viscous layer inside the tread which provides a practically instant seal around any object which penetrates the tread. Even if the object is dislodged from the tyre, the ContiSeal technology will form a seal around the hole to prevent immediate air loss, increase the amount of time that it takes for the tyre to become flat and remove the need for a road-side wheel change.

As a testament to their hard work in the industry, Continental have been official sponsors of major sporting events such as the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA World Cup, being the sole providers of team coach tyres.

Premium Brands - Dunlop Tyres

With more than 120 years of sporting excellence, Dunlop tyres are rightfully among the top brands of tyre manufacturers around the world. As the inventor of the pneumatic tyre in 1888, John Boyd Dunlop because one of the greatest tyre pioneers to ever live.

This invention was laughed at by all other competitors on the cycling race track, but the heckling stopped when riders using Dunlop tyres were continually scooping the first place medals.

Now a part of the Goodyear group, Dunlop have managed to team up with another industry leader to achieve a huge market share, providing superior tyres for motorists across the globe. They are historically the largest UK manufacturer of car tyres, regardless of now being an American company since the Goodyear group takeover in 1999.

Dunlop provide a wide range of quality tyres, including a huge selection of winter tyres which help increase road stability and grip during treacherously winter and icy conditions. The range of sport tyres available in either the summer, winter or all-weather variety is huge, and they provide excellent grip and braking performances alongside superb handling and cornering on practically any road.

The SportMAXX TT is a summer tyre which thrives on dry surfaces. It is one of Dunlop's premium tyres and is extremely durable because of the Kevlar technology used which creates a much tougher sidewall, improving precision of direction and road responsiveness. Dunlop's innovative Hydro-Paddle Technology™ give tyres extra control in tricky conditions as they are designed to disperse water, snow and ice from the tread to make sure that the tyre gets the maximum possible contact with the road.

Another benefit of choosing Dunlop tyres is that a lot of them are equipped with "Run On Flat" technology, meaning that if your tyre suddenly loses pressure then you will be safe to drive up to 50mph for 50 miles, giving you the chance to get to a place where you can change the wheel.

Premium Brands - Good Year

Founded in 1898, in Akron, Ohio, the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, to give it its full name, is one of the most renowned tyre brands in the world.

With over a century of experience manufacturing tyres across numerous modes of transport and unparalleled success in top level motorsport, it has long been a respected and trusted name with drivers worldwide.

Goodyear was named after Charles Goodyear, the inventor of vulcanised rubber, even though he had no connection with the company, and it started out producing bicycle and carriage tyres, horseshoe pads and even poker chips. However, it was the rapid rise in popularity of the car that saw Goodyear's fortunes soar. By 1908, Henry Ford was equipping all new Model T's with Goodyear tyres, by 1926 it had become the world's largest rubber company and by 1963 it had produced its one billionth tyre.

Goodyear has enjoyed many decades as a dominant force in global motorsport starting with its first Indianapolis 500 victory in 1919. For most of the 1990s, it was the sole tyre supplier in Formula 1, and although the company withdrew at the end of the 1998 season, it still holds the record for the most starts, wins and championships than any other manufacturer. It remains very active in motorsport today and is currently the sole supplier for the NASCAR Sprint Cup, the most popular series in the US.

Goodyear produces high quality tyres for all types of vehicle, ranging from small passenger cars, all the way up to industrial and agricultural vehicles. They build tyres designed for maximum durability and safety, as well as increased fuel economy.

Their all-season tyres give good control and grip in most weather conditions, including light winter weather, making them suitable for use all year round. They also make a range of summer and winter tyres, designed to maximise performance in certain weather conditions, including increased grip and reduced stopping distance.

Goodyear's Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 tyre was named Summer Tyre of the Year in the 2012 Auto Express Product Awards. The magazine said: "It inspired confidence in the wet, but also matched that in the dry. Safe and secure."

Whatever the weather, Goodyear has a range of high-quality, high-performance tyres for any vehicle. With Goodyear tyres on your car, you'll see why it is regarded as a world leader in tyre production.

Premium Brands - Pirelli

Pirelli is one the world's biggest tyre companies with manufacturing plants in 11 different countries and employing 34,000 people worldwide.

The company is currently the exclusive tyre manufacturer for both Formula 1 and the World Superbike Championship and the brand's appeal has been widened further with the production of the popular Pirelli Calendar and its sponsorship of Italian football club Internazionale. The company's distinctive logo, an elongated letter P stretched horizontally over the other letters, has been used for over 100 years.

Pirelli was founded in Milan in 1872 by Giovanni Battista Pirelli and produced its first automobile tyres in 1901. The company quickly expanded, with plants opening in Spain, Argentina and Great Britain as it began to become one of the major tyre manufacturers in the world.

The company has enjoyed repeated success in motorsport over the years and in 2010, it had the honour of agreeing a three-year deal to become Formula 1's exclusive tyre supplier. Pirelli has produced tyres that are incredibly durable but help to encourage close, exciting racing.

The company is known for producing ultra-high performance tyres, like the P Zero series, but it also offers top quality performance tyres for modern, every day vehicles.

The pick of this range is the Cinturato series, created to take full advantage of the latest materials, structures and tread pattern designs in order to be more fuel efficient and reduce CO2 emissions. It offers excellent handling and grip and reduces stopping distances by over two metres. It is a long lasting tyre that maintains high levels of performance and safety and complies with the 2012 EU Regulation on the reduction of noise.

With over a century of experience of tyre production, Pirelli creates products that offer maximum security, durability and comfort. You can also buy Runflat and Seal Inside versions of Pirelli's tyres, which means you can keep going even in the event of a puncture. Pirelli tyres will keep you safe, save you money and look the part as well.

Mid Range Brands - Avon Tyres

Avon Tyres are a highly credible brand of tyre that is slowly but surely gaining global recognition for being one of the best value tyre brands on the market. Avon have also been identified by the British Gran Tourismo Championship as a leader in the motor racing market as they are the sole tyre supplier for every race.

As a company with over 100 years of tyre design and manufacturing experience, Avon know how to produce tyres that are fit for their specific purpose, whether that is standard, everyday driving, driving in the snow or on the racetrack, by any range of vehicle.

Avon are one of the best mid-range tyre brands available, so will give you a great performance but without the hefty price tag that you might find on other brands. They offer fantastic quality whether they are car, 4x4, motorcycle or high-end racing tyres and are rigorously tested to ensure you get the absolute best from them.

With a full set of Avon's tyres, you will be able to drive confidently in any conditions on any road, as their unique and purposefully designed tyre treads keep you glued to the road. Tread patterns on tyres are specifically created to help disperse water on wet roads to prevent aquaplaning, improve the lifespan of the tyre and reduce the road noise that they emit.

There is a comprehensive selection of Avon tyres available, ranging from the ultra-high performance tyres such as the ZZ5 and ZZ3, more modest everyday use tyres like the ZV3 and ZT5 to incredibly good valued winter tyres to help you stick to the road in the ice and snow.

Order your Avon tyres online today from Asda Tyres and get the best prices available online. Our expert fitters work locally and the prices online are inclusive of VAT, new valves, balancing and tyre disposal.

Mid Range Brands - Hankook Tyres

Hankook is one of the world's fastest-growing tyre organisations. It was founded in South Korea in 1941 and was the country's first tyre manufacturer.

The company's base in Daejeon is home to the world's largest single tyre production facility and from there, Hankook were able to expand and create many other branches across six of the seven world continents.

Hankook has a growing presence in world motorsport and is currently the official tyre supplier for the prestigious German Touring Car Championship and has also supplied tyres to teams in the Le Mans 24 Hour race.

Currently ranked as the seventh biggest global tyre manufacturer, Hankook aims to become the fifth largest tyre producer, overtaking Pirelli and Dunlop in the process. They are currently selling tyres in 185 countries and are rapidly expanding, becoming more of a household name year on year.

There is a massive range of passenger car tyres from Hankook that are all designed for the ultimate ride comfort and road safety, so you know that with a Hankook tyre you are getting the ultimate in performance and protection.

Hankook's philosophy of "Kontrol technology" focuses on the following qualities of tyres, whether they are for high end motor racing or the every-day commute:

  • Performance - Improving handling, stability and durability
  • Safety - Ensuring tyres remain sturdy and adaptable to even the most dangerous conditions
  • Comfort - Drastically reducing road noise, vibration and a hard ride
  • Environment - Lowering your carbon footprint and helping you reduce fuel costs

The Optimo K range of tyres has an extremely high customer satisfaction rating, which isn't a surprise considering the amount of time and effort spent by Hankook developing the perfect technologies for these high performance tyres.

It isn't just car tyres that Hankook produce. Whether you have a 4x4, van, truck, bus or high powered racing car, there is a durable, safe and efficient tyre available to you.

Mid Range Brands - Marshal Tyres

Manufactured by the South Korean corporation Kumho, Marshal is a tyre brand that is sold principally to UK consumers, through the Marshal Platinum Club, but also to car-crazy countries like Germany, Italy and Australia.

You can rest assured that even though they are manufactured in South Korea, they meet the strictest European regulations because they are tuned and developed at the European Technical Centre based in Birmingham.

For over 25 years, Marshal has been dedicated to producing quality tyres and bringing the best in safety and performance to their customers.

The Matrac range of car tyres provides much better fuel economy and performance in the wet than most other car tyres. Auto Express tested all major brands on their wet braking and wet cornering performance, and Marshal came out on top with an unbeatable 99.9% performance rating.

Marshal caters for all types of four-wheeled vehicle, whether it is a car, SUV, 4x4, van or truck, meaning that whatever you need quality tyres for, then you will be able to find some from this brand. Not only that, but they are an extremely affordable solution over some of their main competitors, and their tyre labels suggest that they are some of the most economical tyres available on the market.

Their newly developed compound creates a very stylish look but doesn't compromise on performance or safety, whether it is for an every-day car or sports car and you get a great all-round tyre that lowers the risk of aquaplaning, handles well in snow and grips around tight corners.

Mid Range Brands - Infinity

Infinity tyres are a Chinese-made brand that are popular among Middle-Eastern countries, but are gaining more and more prevalence throughout Europe year on year. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) are particularly fond of Infinity tyres and even use them for their army's vehicles.

The "Advantage Taxi" company in the UAE are also advocates of Infinity tyres, as their fleet of over 1000 cars all run on these cheap but reliable tyres.

At the Bergville Tyre Expo in South Africa, Infinity tyres received a resounding endorsement from Dunlop's technicians, saying that their tyres were one of the best constructed tyres on the market, even superior to other major brands like Michelin.

No matter what line of work you are in, Infinity has a tyre for your requirements. Whether you need a car, truck, bus, agricultural, off-road or industrial tyre, Infinity will manufacture it and have it readily available to industry standards.

Their car tyres are particularly impressive as they are thoroughly tested and checked in extreme conditions to ensure safety and a good all year round performance. All of the imported Infinity tyres from outside of the EU are S-marked, which means that they are compliant with the European road noise laws.

Infinity is also determined to meet their customer's needs and expectations when it comes to tyre safety and durability. That is why all of their tyres are developed with Infinite Grip Performance, to ensure that every single car gets increased stability and control on the roads.

Mid Range Brands - Yokohama Tyres

The Yokohama Company was originally founded part way through the First World War, in 1917 with co-investments from itself - Yokohama Cable Co at the time - and American tyre company, BF Goodrich.

Tyre production commenced in 1919 and by 1954 they had a number of new production plants and had developed Japan's first tubeless tyre.

Yokohama has been at the forefront of Japan's tyre manufacturing industry, however since the meteoric rise of Bridgestone, Yokohama has been living in their shadow since the 1980s.

That isn't to say that Yokohama tyres aren't as good as any other Japanese tyre on the market though. Japan is a car-crazy country, so you can guarantee that any tyre product coming from them is going to be of the highest quality.

As a testament to their dedication and determination to create the very best high performance tyres for cars, vans and 4x4s, Yokohama were awarded the title of Official Tyre Supplier to the FIA World Touring Car Championship and FIA Formula Two series.

Car manufacturers also value the work that Yokohama has done in the industry, as their tyres are used as original equipment for Audi, Honda, Lexus, Mercedes, Porsche, Toyota and Volkswagen.

Their tyres are relatively new in the UK and have only been distributed since 1988 but are now one of the nation's favourite brands as they provide exceptionally high quality at very reasonable prices.

Yokohama's Advan Sport range of tyre for premium and high performance cars offer a perfect balance between a sporty ride and comfort. You will also receive excellent results on wet roads, for external noise and rolling resistance, ensuring your fuel economy is at its best.

There is a huge selection of summer and winter tyres available from Yokohama, so you are able to choose between the best tyres for you, and with the new tyre labelling you can see how your tyre will actually perform.

Mid Range Brands - Firestone Tyres

Firestone tyres have been prominent in America since 1900 and are extremely popular among American Indy Car racing teams.

It is now a part of the huge tyre giant that is Bridgestone so you know that all the tyres that are getting produced are of the absolute highest quality, and some of the most popular tyres bought all over the world.

Rather than purely racing tyres, Firestone produces tyres for all consumer needs. Whether you need tyres for an agricultural, industrial, high performance or heavy goods vehicle, Firestone will manufacture a top quality tyre to suit your specific requirements.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Firestone brand is the huge selection of summer and winter tyres on offer. Regardless of the extremes in weather you know you will always be safely glued to the road, no matter what the conditions are like, around every corner.

The Winterhawk range of winter tyres are renowned for providing vehicles with the ultimate in winter driving, on ice or snow the Winterhawk gives a smooth and controlled ride with the maximum safety and fuel economy possible.

Similarly, the Multihawk is a fantastic all-round performance tyre for the warmer times of the year. It has a very contemporary and unique tread design and provides an extremely quiet ride. The Multihawk also has an exceptional lifespan and durability.

The braking performance of all the Firestone tyres is exceptional, with massively reduced braking distances over the vast majority of their competitors so you know you will always be safe on the roads with Firestone tyres fitted to your car.

Value Brands Brands - Admiral

Admiral Tyres is a much unknown brand throughout the UK, but for those who do buy them, they are very surprised and delighted with the results. The tyres are designed to the best specification possible for EU tyres but they offer motorists one of the cheapest options of tyres by far.

Regardless of the reduced price of Admiral Tyres, drivers will get a surprisingly high amount of grip for a value tyre, along with a greatly appreciated lifespan that you otherwise wouldn't get with other budget brands.

One of the main selling points of Admiral Tyres is that you can get four brand new tyres for the price that it could cost you for just one of a Premium brand of tyre, making them one of the best value for money brands available on the market.

Getting your Admiral tyres fitted by Asda is easy. Simply order online by entering your vehicle registration, choosing the time, date and location of the fitting centre, and turn up. There is no payment taken online as all the payment is made at the fitting centre once the work is completed. You also don't pay any extras for new valves, balancing or old tyre disposal - the price you see online is the price you will pay at the fitting centre.

Value Brands - Durun Tyres

Manufactured in China by production and testing techniques imported from major motoring countries like America, Germany and Japan, Durun offer drivers great performing tyres for an even better price.

As probably the most well-known value tyre brand available, most drivers know that they are getting fantastic value for money. Durun is supplied throughout North America, Europe and Africa and is swiftly expanding globally to grab an impressive market share.

Durun supply a range of performance and standard tyre, most notable the Sport-One and the A-One which are their most technologically advanced tyres to date, providing superior handling, road noise and aquaplaning performance.

The large number of grooves and sipes in Durun tyres allow for a greater contact area with the road surface to give the driver much better grip around corners and on wet roads. The design and pattern of the grooves also allows the tyres to manipulate and manoeuvre standing water and snow to seriously reduce the risk of aquaplaning and sliding.

The imported techniques have allowed for Durun to develop a specialised silica compound which limits the temperature that the tyres get to when they are being driven for long periods, but don't stop them from warming up to get a good handling and braking performance from them.

The foreign technology has also found that an increasing the size of the tyre shoulder massively reduces the road noise from the tyre whilst driving at high speeds, this makes for a more comfortable and relaxing drive, not to mention the increased surface area that the tyre has to contact the road, improving safety.

You can choose from winter or summer tyres, depending on the time of year, to ensure your car has the best chance of sticking to the road and maximise your driving safety throughout the seasons.

Value Brands - Jinyu Tyres

Jinyu is a relatively new company in the tyre market, as they have only been producing value brand tyres since the mid-1990s. They are one of the favoured tyre brands in China as they produce more than 13 million units a year in a country where the automotive industry is absolutely booming.

It isn't just China where Jinyu is popular. They distribute their tyres to over 100 countries worldwide as to offer an inexpensive yet reliable alternative to the big name brands.

Throughout its short history, Jinyu has been awarded with many titles including:

  • Top 100 petroleum and chemical export enterprises
  • Top 50 rubber industry enterprises
  • Top 40 world tyre brands

The reason for them being awarded these accolades is because of their dedication to manufacturing great all-round tyres that provide an adequate performance no matter what conditions they are driving in.

Jinyu have two ranges of tyre: the YU and YW range. Both are a great solution for tyres on a budget but giving a great performance that you'd expect. Without compromising safety, durability or road noise, Jinyu are able to produce tyres that you can buy without doing much damage to your bank account.

The YU range gives a fantastic performance in tyre grip and low rolling resistance, ultimately saving you money by making you wait longer before trips to the pump.

If you're looking for a low-cost high-quality winter tyre then look no further than Jinyu's YW selection. Their rigidity and ability to "shovel" show and ice out of the way of the tyre whilst in motion makes driving in difficult conditions much more relaxing and safer.

Value Brands - Linglong Tyres

The Shandong Linglong Tire Co. started life in China in 1975 as the Zhaoyuan Tire Plant and have grown steadily since then, has made rapid strides in the global market during the past decade since focusing its efforts on passenger car radial tyres, establishing itself as one of the world's top 20 tyre manufacturers.

The company is in the process of building its first factory outside China, with a brand new plant in Thailand set to begin production in 2014.

Linglong gained widespread attention in 2011 when its Green-Max tyre beat some of the world's leading brands, including Bridgestone, in a summer tyre study conducted by Finnish firm Test World Oy, who described it as being "clearly the best Chinese tyre ever in our tyre tests."

The Green-Max's asymmetrical design provides optimal ground contact and shortens braking distances on wet and dry surfaces and lug-type shoulder blocks improve handling performance. The tyre's exterior rim flange protector helps guard wheels from kerb damage.

Linglong is one of the best value brands on the market and its reputation is constantly growing. This ambitious and innovative tyre manufacturer provides tyres that give the big boys a run for their money without hurting your pocket.

Value Brands - Maxtrek Tyres

Maxtrek is one of the newest tyre brands on the market, having been established as recently as 2007 but it has quickly made its mark. Based in China's Guangdong province, the company has grown rapidly in just a few years to build a global presence in the tyre industry.

Maxtrek makes tyres for all seasons but specialises in winter tyres, designed to cope with difficult driving conditions, such as snow, ice and rain. It is advised that you should only fit winter tyres to your car once the temperature is consistently below 7 degrees Celsius, as this is the temperature where normal tyres' performance start to wane.

They put their tyres through a series of rigorous testing procedures, both in the lab and on the road, before they hit the market. The tyres undergo tests for traction, abrasion and resistance, among other things, and only when they meet international standards, and are approved by the International Certification Authorities, will they be put into production.

The company produces tyres for a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from small cars to SUVs and trucks.

One of the picks of their range is the WOT18 Winter Tyre, designed with dual stability centre ribs, multi-various sipes and wide tread block design. This provides outstanding high speed stability, fast displacement of snow and water and offers more road surface contact, resulting in better handling and traction. With its special winter rubber compound, the WOT18 is very effective in wintery conditions, reducing the risk of skidding or loss of control.

Value Brands - Rovelo Tyres

Rovelo tyres are made by Chinese manufacturer Sailun and most Rovelo tread patterns are very similar, if not identical to Sailun's tyres.

As a new company in the tyre industry - established in 2002 - their reputation in the Far East is steadily growing as they produce good looking tyres that could rival even the biggest premium brands.

Due to Sailun's recycling programme, Rovelo tyres can be recycled to minimise the impact on the environment by re-treading old wheels. This results in cheaper tyres for customers, thanks to the money saved on not having to manufacture a completely new tyre.

Rovelo mainly produce good quality winter tyres such as the RWT768, which is designed to give more protection in treacherous winter conditions.

However if you are looking for some stronger, more reinforced tyres, there are some XL RWT768s. XL stands for Extra Load and gives the tyre sidewall extra support so you can carry heavier loads. This prevents the tyre from warping if the car's weight increases above normal levels.

Ordering your Rovelo tyres from Asda couldn't be easier. Simply enter your car registration number - or tyre size if you know it - and then select which of the Rovelo tyres you wish to be fitted on your car. Then select the most convenient fitting centre and appointment slot for you and turn up!

There is no payment accepted online, you only pay once the tyres have been fitted by fully qualified mechanics and you are completely happy with the work. There are no extra charges - the price you see online is the price you pay, which includes VAT, new valves, balancing and disposal of your old tyres.

Value Brands - Sailun Tyres

Sailun is a Chinese tyre manufacturer established in 2002 and based in the city of Qingdao. The company has placed a great deal of emphasis into the design process of its tyres, using revolutionary technology that reduces the length of the design process and increases accuracy.

Sailun also believes China's proximity to sources of natural rubber give it a head start on its international competitors. Their mission statement of "serving the global village through the provision of the finest quality products" is obviously in effect when your browse through their vast quantities of high quality tyres for all types of vehicle, and any time of year.

As well as having a sales network across China, Sailun exports tyres all over the world, including Europe, Africa and America. The company is also committed to recycling, with its own innovative re-treading technology. In the last couple of years, Sailun has also made its first foray into the world of motorsport.

Sailun makes tyres for all kinds of vehicles, including cars, vans, HGVs and off-the-road vehicles and produces a range of summer and winter tyres, including the Ice Blazer WST1, which is studdable for maximum grip and traction in icy conditions.

The tyre is made from a specially-formulated compound which keeps the rubber flexible, even in freezing temperatures. The tyre's V-channels are designed to clear snow, slush and water to offer the maximum possible grip and ensure you make it your destination safe and sound.

Value Brands - Westlake Tyres

Westlake has emerged as a true global brand in the tyre industry with operations across all continents. The company has over 50 years' experience of manufacturing tyres for all manner of vehicles, ranging from passenger cars to agricultural vehicles and even wheelbarrows!

Inspired by the motto "a tyre for every occasion", Westlake is determined to manufacture incomparably high quality tyres for all vehicles, at any time of the year. Now wide-spread across five continents, Westlake are becoming a more well-known brand year on year and, impressively, has been given recognition in the industry from the US Department of Transportation and the Economic Commission of Europe.

One of the top tyres in Westlake's extensive range is the SW601 winter tyre. Asymmetric tread design provides balanced performance across driving conditions. Special zig-zag sipes help maintain block rigidity and create more biting edges for enhanced snow and ice traction. High drainage grooves drain snow, slush and water, maximising the tyre's contact with the road surface.

Safety is the top priority for Westlake when they are producing tyres and stability at high speeds is seriously increased due to their sturdy long rib pattern. If you are consistently driving long distances on motorways then having Westlake tyres on your car is a must.

Due to their multi-pitch design you will also be able to drive at high speeds without the loud annoying drone of the tyre on the road, as noise is reduced to an absolute minimum and comfort is majorly increased.

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