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Male mechanic hold and rolling tire at repairing service garage background. Technician man replacing winter and summer tyre for safety road trip. Transportation and automotive maintenance concept

Can You Change Your Tyre Size?

When you first purchase a car, you will have tyres that are already fitted by the manufacturer. These tyres are the recommended sizes for that car and are fitted with

Family packing their car up, ready to go on a road trip out.

How to Choose Car Tyres for a

Close-up sighting of a car. Low down.

Best Car Tyres For Low Road Noise

  • Close up of the number code on the sidewall of car tyre with alloy wheel, Tyre Sidewall Markings.

    What Do The Numbers On Tyres Mean?

    People see lots of different numbers on the side of a wheel, get all confused and then when it comes to being asked about their tyre size, they have no
  • Closeup of mechanic hands pushing a black tire in the workshop.

    Bridgestone Potenza S001 vs RE050A

    There is no doubt that you will have heard of Bridgestone before. Bridgestone has been front and centre of the tyre industry for quite some time. They produce summer, winter
  • Woman Checking Tread Depth On Car Tyre

    A Definitive Guide to Car Tyre Safety

    Did you know that you’re not insured if you drive on illegal tyres? If you are involved in a crash and you are found to be driving on tyres that
  • Best 4X4 Tyres for the Cold Weather

    Best 4X4 Tyres for the Cold Weather

    There is no doubt that with the latest tyre technology, all-season tyres are a great go-to option. However, to have the ultimate all-round performance from your tyres, it’s best to
  • young woman touching and checking her car tyre. She worrying about somethings wrong with her wheel.

    How To Check Your Vehicle’s Tyres Thoroughly

    Do you know how to efficiently check your tyres? Your tyres are the only part of your vehicle that touches the ground. They also play a huge part in you
  • Damaged tyre after explosion on high speed on highway

    Can Car/Van Tyres Be Repaired?

    Tyres can sometimes face numerous amounts of damage for lots of different reasons. One of the main ways is through a puncture. The severity of damage to the tyre can
  • rear view of a car with brake lights on

    How do Weather Conditions affect Stopping Distances?

    Stopping distance is calculated by adding your thinking distance (the time it takes for the driver to realise they need to stop) and braking distance (the time between the driver
  • Bridgestone Tyre in Thailand

    Top 5 Bridgestone Tyres of 2019

    Tyred of looking for hours on end for tyres that are right for your car? Well in this post, we will go through the top 5 tyres from Bridgestone that