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Several tyres laid out in a room

Car Tyre Types and What Their Differences

If you drive a car of any description, you should know which tyres work best in any given situation. You often hear stories about drivers getting stuck in the snow

Data is driving the future of motoring

How To Make Your Tyres Last Longer

  • A worn tyre can effect stopping distance

    Stopping distance – tyres play a starring role

    Whatever the situation or type of road you’re driving on, when you need to stop, you need to be able to do so safely and quickly. Do you know how
  • A tyre pressure warning sign

    Correct Tyre Pressures Really Matter

    If you don’t remember the last time you looked under the bonnet of your car, you’re not alone. These days, modern cars are just so much more reliable than they
  • Which tyres are the best tyres – Premium vs Budget Tyres

    Premium or Budget? Which tyres keep you safer?   Which tyres are best? When it comes to buying new tyres – with so much choice and so many variables –
  • The London Motor Show 2017

    Clear your calendar and make way for “The motoring event of the year”. The London Motor Show kick starts on Thursday 4th May 2017 at Battersea Evolution, Battersea Park.  
  • ‘Concerning’ rise in MoT failures due to tyre safety system defects

    Recently, there has been an significant amount of MoT failures due to tyre safety system defects which has raised concerns for TyreSafe regarding the implications for safety on the roads.
  • FAQs about Tyre Fitting

    Do you know when your tyres are becoming worn or need to be replaced? If you think they are looking a little bald in places or you can see any
  • Continental Tyres voted a Consumer Superbrand 2017

    We are excited to announce that Continental Tyres have been awarded Consumer Superbrands status again for 2017, continuing their success 3 years running. The prestigious award gives brands a recognised
  • Buying your child’s first car?

    Buying your child’s first car is an exciting moment for any parent. Finally giving them the freedom to spread their wings with their first step of independence. Their first car