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Best Car Tyres For Low Road Noise

Close-up sighting of a car. Low down.

Tyres that are noise efficient give off low amounts of sound when being driven. This then results in a quieter ride. You may have previously heard the term low noise or quiet tyres. If you’re thinking, well, why do my tyres need to be quiet and where would I find them? You’re in luck. Stick around and you’ll find all that out right here. 

Why Is Noise Efficiency Important? 

The European mandatory limits set in 2012 are very clear about the standards for noisy vehicles. 

The newest EU tyre labelling rules mean that all passenger tyres that are produced have to come with a label. They should provide a rating for the amount of noise they give off. 

This type of noise isn’t what can be heard from inside the vehicle by the driver. This is what is heard outside the vehicle, by anyone else.

Anyone living near the main road can feel uncomfortable by the constant noise. The use of low noise tyres can lessen this effect and therefore reduce our overall noise level. 

A man measuring the decibels (dB) of a motorway, whilst standing on a bridge.

Noise Measurements

Noise emissions are measured using decibels (dB).

This form of measurement can now be found on the latest tyre labelling, along with a ‘wave’ rating to help make a strong and educated decision before going out and buying tyres for yourself. 

The easiest way to put it is, the more waves there are, the noisier they are.

One Black Wave – Tyres with this label are rated the best in terms of noise, with a level 3dB below the newest limits. These are the most environmentally friendly and noise efficient.

Two Black Waves – These tyres would be classed as ‘average’ in terms of noise and are in the middle. They are equal to or up to 3dB under the latest limits.

Three Black Waves – These types of tyres are now the loudest that can be purchased. They don’t comply with the latest limits, as they produce more noise than the limit set.

Tyres are constantly made with new technology and improved to be more compliant with certain standards and environmentally friendly. This makes it essential that if you are on the lookout for new tyres, you consider the noise levels they may give off. If the tyres you purchased have a poor noise level and the limits change again, you may have to change perfectly working tyres. This results in unnecessary cost and it can be avoided by checking the label.

Noise Efficient Tyres

Now you have a better understanding of noise efficiency and why it is important, the next challenge is finding the right tyres. Thankfully, bearing in mind the current legislation, we have been working hard to consistently update and bring new stock online and have done so with a vast range of tyres.

One of the best brands that do a great job in terms of noise efficiency would be the world-renowned Dunlop

Their specially designed tyres such as the Sport Blueresponse, SP Sport Maxx GT and the Streetresponse 2, for example, are perfect for providing maximum grip and traction, but most importantly providing you with a quiet and comfortable ride.

If you need any other advice or guidance on tyres, for instance, how to keep them in good condition or which ones to buy, then check out our blog page

  • Best Car Tyres For Low Road Noise
  • Best Car Tyres For Low Road Noise

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