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Introduction to Tyre Safety

Earlier this year TyreSafe conducted the UK's largest survey of tyre tread depths at the point of replacement. The results showed that more than a quarter of motorists were replacing their tyres when they were already illegal - that equates to potentially nearly 10 million illegal and dangerous tyres on Britain's roads in 2015. A previous survey showed one in five motorists have NEVER checked their tyres.

While we've made substantial progress on tyre safety awareness since we started in 2006, it's clear that we all still have a lot of work to do.

This year Tyre Safety Month campaign resources we're asking motorists the direct question 'When did you last do it' and encouraging them to 'Practise safe checks'.

Tyres are a primary safety feature of any vehicle, if they’re not in good roadworthy condition your brakes and steering will not respond as they should, increasing the risk of an incident on the roads. To keep that risk to a minimum, regular checks need to be carried out but regrettably far too few drivers carry out this potentially life-saving maintenance.

Asda Tyres is a member of the UK’s tyre safety charity TyreSafe, which campaigns to raise awareness of the dangers of defective and illegal tyres and promote the importance of checking tyres at least once a month and before long journeys.

Every year nearly a thousand motorists are injured or worse as a result of accidents the police have identified as having been caused by defective tyres. In fact, more people are killed or seriously injured in tyre-related accidents than those for brake failure and even mobile phone use*. More than a quarter of all car MoT failures are due to tyre issues and every year the breakdown recovery services are called to hundreds of thousands of tyre-related incidents.

A surveys by TyreSafe in partnership with Highways England found that more than 27% of people replaced their tyres when they were already illegal. That means as many as 1-in-4 vehicles – that’s 10 million - in the UK could potentially have dangerous and illegal tyres every year.

And there’s no need. The checks required to ensure your tyre safety should be part of a regular maintenance routine – at least once a month and before every long journey. Checking your tyres is easy and doesn’t take long to do, all you have to do is to remember to ACT:

A – Air pressure. Recommended pressures for your vehicle can be found on the car door shut, filler cap or the owner’s manual. Remember most vehicles have two recommended pressures – one for use when it’s partly loaded and the other when it’s full.

C – Condition. Tyres are not made with bumps, cracks or foreign objects embedded in them and, if present represent a significant safety hazard. If spot any in your tyres, seek professional help immediately.

T – Tread. This must be above the legal minimum of 1.6mm across the central ¾ of each tyre’s width and its entire circumference. You can use a 20p as a guide to how close a vehicle’s tyres are to this limit as the outer rim is approximately 1.6mm. Simply insert the coin into the tyre’s main tread at three points across its width and several points around its circumference. If you see the border at any point, the tyre maybe illegal and you need to have it checked by a professional.

* Source: Department for Transport, Reported Road Casualties GB Report

Drive safe and legal

Tread depth has a decisive influence on the way your vehicle accelerates, brakes and corners. Safe tyres with legal tread depth will reduce the risks to drivers, passengers and other road users. The penalty for driving with illegal tyres is a fine of up to £2,500 and three points for each tyre.

Facts & figures

Over 10m illegal tyres were in use on Britain’s roads in 2016. Tyre defects account for more than 2.2m MOT failures a year. Dangerous tyres are at the root of 36% of all casualties in incidents caused by a vehicle-related defects.

Tyre Safe Infographic About Tyre Safety

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