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A tyre pressure warning sign

Correct Tyre Pressures Really Matter

If you don’t remember the last time you looked under the bonnet of your car, you’re not alone. These days, modern cars are just so much more reliable than they

‘Concerning’ rise in MoT failures due to

Continental Tyres voted a Consumer Superbrand 2017

  • TPMS

    What is TPMS?

    TPMS   Tyre pressures are now monitored automatically on all passenger vehicles manufactured after November 2014 by a device known as Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) but many older cars
  • mot mechanic

    Mot Checklist: What Mechanics Check For

    MOT tests are designed to examine your vehicle and ensure that it is safe to drive. Many of us hand our cars over to a garage each year completely unaware
  • aqua 1

    What Is Aquaplaning?

    We’re often made aware of the dangers of adverse weather conditions when it comes to driving, whether it’s ice on the roads or low visibility from fog. But something that’s