Bridgestone Has Announced New ‘ENLITEN’ Tyre Technology

In collaboration with well-established partner Volkswagen, Bridgestone has engineered ENLITEN technology for the newly launched Volkswagen ID.3 electric car with some significant environmentally friendly features.

This newfound tyre technology is lightweight and has been designed using as fewer materials as possible whilst reducing rolling resistance, which has been applied to the Bridgestone Turanza Eco tyre.  According to Bridgestone, this technology “sets a standard in material use and rolling resistance” and we can see exactly why. 

What Is ENLITEN Technology?

Bridgestone has stated that the ENLITEN Technology has been created to benefit drivers, the environment and car manufacturers by reducing CO2 emissions in line with strict regulations set out by European legislators. As a result of stringent requirements to restrict carbon dioxide, ENLITEN technology aims to offer drivers 20% lower rolling resistance than the standard premium summer tyre. 

These tyres also offer a reduced weight of tyres as they have been manufactured with fewer raw materials, which has resulted in a reduction of weight by around 10%, meaning motorists can save money in the long run. The innovative approach to tyres combines excellent wear performance and reinforced thickness to the tread depth to improve the longevity of the tyre treads. 

How can ENLITEN Technology Be Used?

ENLITEN technology states that it offers rolling resistance that is lower than the average, this significantly impacts CO2 emissions whilst extending the battery life of an electric vehicle. The technology does so without having to compromise in any aspect of the tyres’ characteristics. 

Bridgestone seeks to offer drivers the same tyre longevity as standard original equipment tyres whilst stating that the ENLITEN technology is used to improve fuel economy. The ID.3 is the first Volkswagen electric car that envisioned tyres to enhance driver performance and achieve excellent braking in wet to dry conditions all while offering lower rolling resistance than the average premium summer touring tyre, which is when ENLITEN was born.

The technology used fundamentally improves vehicle handling, which subsequently offers drivers a plethora of benefits. The Turanza Eco tyres with ENLITEN technology are available to buy in 18-inch, 19-inch and 20-inch sizes. The 18 and 19-inch have been equipped with B-Seal technology. B-Seal technology is equipped to tyres in case of a tyre puncture, which allows sufficient temporary air retention to keep the tyres going until drivers have stopped at a safe and convenient place. The technology that has been equipped to the Turanza Eco tyres allows low road-noise, so if motorists are driving at high speeds on loud roads, they can be sure to achieve both a superior performance combined with a comfortable ride. 

All in all, Bridgestone have launched impeccable tyre technology. This technology seeks to resolve the pressurising adversity of current social, economical and environmental factors, which will be applied to an array of vehicles across Europe in the future. So now that it is apparent of the environmental and cost benefits that ENLITEN technology brings to the tyre industry, be sure to check out the Turanza Eco tyres here at Asda tyres.

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