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Budget Tyres VS Premium Tyres

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It’s a question that concerns every vehicle owner. Do you splash out on premium tyres, or save much-needed money on budget variants? Tyres are an extremely important part of the driving experience, determining how your car handles, how it copes in certain weather conditions and even how it accelerates and decelerates. Saving money by purchasing budget tyres might sound like a smart idea, but is it really? We take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both, to see if it’s the right decision.

Budget Tyres – Smart or Stupid?

You may have heard the warnings about budget tyres before, usually from other tyre manufacturers, but do these warnings have any merit? They sound great on paper, as a cost-effective alternative to the big brands, but this may hide some unforeseen flaws. 

The Benefits

Cheaper: Let’s face it, these tyres are bought because they are cheaper than the alternative. Budget tyres are lifesavers in financially tough times, meeting (at least) the minimal legal requirements needed to be of use on UK roads. If you’re purely placing cost above all else, these tyres might just be the right option for you. 

Better Than Part-Worn: You should never buy part-worn tyres. Period. Unforeseen issues, such as interior damage, plague tyres in this category. The tread depth of these tyres is also typically lower than the standard budget tyre too. Part-worn tyres tend to have an average tread depth of 3mm, so you’re technically making a better investment with a budget tyre. 

The Negatives

Tyre Quality: You might have guessed, but budget tyres aren’t as good as their premium variants. In fact, many dealerships will advise you to spend as much as possible to ensure that you are safe behind the wheel. The brand of budget tyre makes a huge difference too, and you’re not likely to find consistency in terms of stopping distance with these options. If safety and efficiency are of concern, you should go with a better tyre.  

Secondary Option: Budget tyres are often seen as a secondary option. You might choose a budget tyre as your spare, for example. Or, if you have a runaround motor, you may choose to fit budget tyres that get you around your local area. They’re not usually placed on cars that travel long distances or on country roads. It’s always best to choose a premium option for that purpose. 

Premium Tyres – Worth the Money? 

They’re named it for a reason. Premium tyres obviously cost more than their budget counterparts, but they’re also notably better in every other aspect. Are they worth the extra cost, or should you save money for good reason? 

The Benefits

Tyre Technology: Premium tyres come with the added benefit of the latest tyre technology. Bridgestone must constantly innovate to stay ahead of the competition, producing tyres such as the Turanza T001 that performs extremely well in wet conditions. The all-round Driveguard is another option that is a direct result of innovation. As such, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. 

Long-Lasting: Premium tyres tend to last longer than their cheaper variants, providing greater value for money than budget tyres over a long period of time. For example, Bridgestone tyres are seen as one of the highest performing on the market, according to Which?. While budget tyres may seem like the cheaper option, they may end up costing more money in the long-run. 

Driving Safe: Tyres control more than just the handling of the car. They affect both braking and stopping distance, as well as acceleration too. Premium tyres have consistently higher ratings, which means increased performance and safety in all types of conditions. To put it simply, premium tyres result in a premium driving experience.

The Negatives

Cost: If you’re purely comparing premium tyres to their budget alternatives, then cost is the only negative factor. It can hardly be considered a negative either, as you truly get what you pay for. Most car manufacturers recommend choosing premium variants, and we can see why. If money is really tight, you may get away with a set of budget tyres for a short period of time, but it’s always best to go premium. 

Which Should You Choose? 

Ultimately, it all comes down to your budget. Premium tyres perform better in all instances, resulting in a safer, smoother driving experience. There are some budget brands that perform better than others, so if you have to go for a budget model, make sure that you do your research. 

You might find some premium models at discounted prices or under special offer at Asda Tyres, as we stock 1000s of high-quality brands, such as Bridgestone, under one roof. These can be delivered to a fitting centre of your choosing, or we can pop them straight to your door. It’s that simple! If you have any questions about the service that we offer, just contact our team for further information. 

  • Budget Tyres VS Premium Tyres
  • Budget Tyres VS Premium Tyres

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