Budget VS Premium Tyres

When looking for new tyres whether they are on your first vehicle or 10th vehicle in your driving career, there are many things you will need to take into consideration when choosing the correct tyres for your car. A huge one, ‘how much do I want to spend?’ will of course help determine your decision, but although cheaper, lower budget tyres seem like the obvious answer, it may not be this simple. Below we have listed a few pros and cons to make your decision making just that little bit easier. 

Budget Tyres

The low price point of many budget tyres are quite obviously, the biggest selling point. However, budget tyres may not always be the cheapest option in the long run. Budget tyres are subject to regular checks, although they are developed to provide the standard safety qualities needed to be legal. However, they may not perform as efficiently as high priced tyres. Budget tyres are not ecologically friendly and will need to be replaced more regularly than premium  tyres. But, does budget tyres always mean bad tyres? Not necessarily. Budget tyres will still have been through the necessary tests and checks to ensure they are safe, and some manufacturers provide budget versions of premium tyres to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. But the real difference will always be the tyres performance and lifespan. 

Premium tyres

Premium tyres boast huge, well known manufacturer names and are accompanied by their long and successful history within the industry. They have been developed to the highest standard, with cutting edge technology to ensure the design is perfect for high performance vehicles. The market is highly competitive, so this means that the standards of premium tyres are constantly improving, as each manufacturer strives to have the best performing tyre on the market. Regular changes are made to ensure better safety and performance in a variety of weather conditions, be it a summer, winter or all-season tyre. From the type of rubber used, to the technology and tread patterns that are implemented, premium tyres are developed around the idea of achieving the very best driving experience possible.

Will this make a difference to me?

This entirely depends on how and where you drive. If you are a regular to the city roads where you are generally driving shorter distances, you are perfectly safe with budget tyres as you are unlikely to notice the difference on these drives whether you have premium or budget tyres. 

Premium tyres are known to perform better in the wet, especially when braking and reducing aquaplaning, therefore if these are much needed in your regular driving experience, premium tyres may just be the choice for you and it would certainly be a benefit to invest in the slightly higher priced tyres. This will also avoid regular tyre changes as the longevity is increased with premiums. 

You can view our range of budget all the way up to premium tyres on our website, with multitudes of brands to choose from. 

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