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Decisions, decisions! The best tyres to suit your style of car


Let’s face it, most us don’t think about the tyres on our cars – until that is we’re forced to change them. And for those drivers that believe all tyres are much of a muchness, this is the moment when the realisation hits that it’s just not the case. Purchasing the right tyre for your car can feel complicated and confusing. In our latest article, Asda Tyres help you get started on the right track by focusing on the type of car you drive.


Tyres for your city car or run-around


They’re cute-looking, easy to park, relatively cheap to run, nippy and agile. What’s not to like about a city car?! They’re ideal for quick shopping trips, ferrying kids around, running errands – these cars are typically used for short journeys with lots of stopping and starting.


If this is a description of how you use your little run-around, here are two very important considerations you should factor in when deciding which tyres to buy:


Fuel economy


You’d be amazed at the difference your tyres can make to fuel economy. Some tyres have what’s known as “low rolling resistance”. What’s that? It refers to the tyre’s compound, and how it interacts with the road surface. Low rolling resistance means the tyres make your car more fuel efficient, while comparatively others don’t. We all want to save fuel and keep pollution levels in our cities as low as possible, right? As such, make sure you ask for a tyre that’s been specially designed to do this.


Wet braking


The chances are with a run-around city car you’ll probably have kids in your vehicle, or you’ll be driving on roads near schools and playgrounds. At the very least you’ll spend time in tight, built-up urban environments. You might have to stop fast. Very fast. When it’s dry, most tyres can help you do this safely and quickly, but it’s a different story when the weather is wet (as is often the case in the UK). In these conditions it’s much better to pay extra for a tyre that can perform well in the wet, like those from premium tyre manufacturer, Continental Tyres.


Cars that fall into this category include the Fiat 500, Volkswagen Polo, Mini One, Toyota Aygo and many, many more. You should consider the ContiPremiumContact 5.



Tyres for your mid-sized car


With mid-sized cars we’re talking about popular vehicles like the Volkswagen Golf, Renault Megane and Vauxhall Astra. All of these are superb all-rounders, offering flexibility and comfort for city driving and the open road.


Here are a couple of points to think about when buying tyres for your mid-sized car:


  • If you do a lot of driving in town, look for tyres with low rolling resistance because they’ll help you save money on fuel. They’ll also lower emissions from your car.


  • If you also do plenty of driving out of town – such as on motorways and major roads – you’ll also want a tyre with good road handling characteristics to bring the best out of your car.


You should consider the Continental PremiumContact 6.


Tyres for your sports car


If you’re lucky enough to drive a high-performance sports car, you’ll probably already know how much your tyres contribute to your driving experience. This is not one to get wrong.


You’ll need a tyre that can withstand pressures associated with quicker cornering and the slightly more demanding way you drive this car – as opposed to the way you might drive a city run-around to take the kids to school in.


This means you’ll need tyres that respond quickly and precisely to steering and speed inputs. Ideally, it’s a really good idea to re-purchase the “Original Equipment” tyre that came with your car when it was new, or a very close equivalent, because this will have been developed specially for your car to bring out its best characteristics.


Alternatively, you should consider the Continental SportContact 6.



Your large family estate, or executive car


Ideal for family holidays in both winter and summer, those long motorway journeys and – of course – general everyday trips, large family estates and executive cars offer drivers many comfortable travel options. As such, there are a number of factors to consider when it comes to tyres:


  • Of course it goes without saying that you want your car to be as safe as possible for those in and around it, so it’s crucial to ensure your tyres have superb wet braking performance.


  • How important is ride and handling to you? If you enjoy driving and want to get the most out of your family estate or executive car, it’s important to factor this into your choice of tyres. As with sports cars, it’s a good idea to re-purchase the “Original Equipment” tyre that your car was fitted with when you purchased it new.


  • Fuel economy and longevity. If you do a lot of driving, you’ll not only want to keep your fuel bills down, you’ll also want your tyres to last longer. Spending more upfront on premium tyres can help you achieve both of these goals. Don’t be fooled by cheaper, up-front tyre costs – in the mid to long-run premium tyres will end up saving you money, and provide you with better driver safety.


With this in mind, you should definitely consider the Continental PremiumContact 6.



Tyres for all size classes of SUV and Crossovers


If you own an SUV, you’ll have bought into the fastest growing vehicle segment in Europe. There are SUVs in all size classes now, ranging from the smaller Audi Q2 and mid-sized Volkswagen Touareg to the large Hyundai Santa Fe.


When it comes to tyres though, you do need to pay attention. And it’s not worth scrimping on them. SUVs are typically heavier and – usually – taller than ordinary cars, and this means that the tyres need to work harder when it comes to cornering or braking.


Typically, the vast majority of SUV drivers in the UK stick to driving on roads. If this is you, you’ll need an all-round tyre that has excellent road handling characteristics, but which is still designed to withstand the additional height and weight associated with these vehicles. An ideal consideration is the ContiSportContact 5 SUV.



Tyres for your 4×4


Many SUVs are also 4x4s, but not all. Many drivers who opt for a 4×4 are sometimes thinking of taking their vehicle on an occasional, light off-road adventure or two. For this activity you need specialist tyres that can grip on soft ground, mud and handle uneven surfaces.


But – unless you’re a farmer – the chances are you’ll mainly be using your 4×4 on normal roads, and for this reason you need a tyre that offers a combination of good off-road and excellent road-handling performance. You should consider the Continental PremiumContact 6.


Premium tyres provide a premium performance


Premium tyres – from manufacturers like Continental – do cost a bit more, but they will provide you with the right blend of road safety, fuel economy and handling characteristics that’s right for you, your car and what you use if for. And – over time – they’ll work out much cheaper too, because they last longer.


Get expert advice – talk to Asda Tyres


At the end of the day, the best piece of advice we can give is this: buy the best tyres you can afford, and speak with your tried and trusted tyre experts, Asda Tyres. We will offer you impartial advice based on where and how much you drive. Click here find your nearest fitting station.

  • Decisions, decisions! The best tyres to suit your style of car
  • Decisions, decisions! The best tyres to suit your style of car

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