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Get Your Car Ready for The School Run with Our Top Tips

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It’s that time of the year again! The uniforms are bought, ironed and ready to wear. Stationary has been painstakingly purchased for prices that seem suspiciously high, and you’ve forked out for that new school bag that they wanted. I mean, if all their friends have it, they definitely have to have it, right? You’re probably (slightly, it’s ok to admit it) relieved that they’re actually going back, but you might have forgotten something. How on earth are they getting to school in the first place? 

Chances are, if you’ve read this far, then you’re the lucky winner that’s taking them to school. Congratulations. You’ve spent all this time getting your kids ready, you haven’t even thought about your car. As the main form of transportation for their educational needs, your car is more important than you think. You’ve still got time to prepare though, and this handy guide should help you along the way. 

Check Your Tyres

There’s nothing worse than a flat tyre on a given day, so a flat tyre with children in the car is bound to cause trouble. We’d advise that you take a long hard look at your tyres before you even think about taking your child to school. A quick examination could save you a lot of trouble in the long run, and prevent any frustrating accidents in the future. Check the tread depth of the tyres and make sure that there is enough air in your tyres too.

If you do find that you need some new tyres, your first stop should be an accredited tyre dealership. That’s where Asda Tyres come in. We stock a range of high-quality brands, such as Dunlop, and we also ensure that they’re fitted by fully qualified technicians at your local fitting centre. (Or you can choose home delivery too!) From the optimised performance of the Grandtrek to the excellent handling of the Sport, there are tyres for everyone. Just pop your number plate in to get started.  

Wash Your Car

Appearance is often everything to a younger audience, which is definitely a bad thing when you haven’t washed your car in 6 months. You don’t want to embarrass your child in front of their new friends, do you? If your child’s self-esteem is of any concern, you should probably give your car a quick clean. The inside of your car should also be clean too, though it’ll probably be covered in crumbs before too long. 

There are other reasons to keep your car clean too, You may be roped into carpooling others, who then may tell their parents how unclean your car is. It’s a dangerous minefield to tread, and unless your child isn’t bothered by it, it could have a real impact on their self-esteem. Give your car a quick clean to avoid this mess before it happens. 

Check Your Oil and Water/Coolant

Your average motor needs an oil change every 3000 miles, though some fancy modern motors can last between 4000-5000 miles before the oil is required. A lack of oil results in engine wear, as it starts to grind. Eventually, it will seize up, stalling the vehicle and causing irreparable damage. While it might seem like a daunting task, changing the oil is remarkably easy to do, and most providers will help you choose the correct oil. Some will even show you how to place it in your vehicle. 

You should also check your water or coolant fluid too, especially in winter as coolant contains antifreeze properties. Your windshield washer fluid should also be topped up to ensure that your view is clear every morning when the sun is usually at its highest. These small checks could make all the difference. 

Get Organised and Stocked Up

We all know it, but It’s easy to forget the little things when your world revolves around your children. It’s probably a good idea to stock up on car cleaning products, as children can be messy pups. (Even when you tell them not to.) You should also stock up on towels too, just in case there’s a spillage or if it’s particularly wet outside. 

An emergency kit is also essential for your car in general. You should have all the essentials in there, such as plasters and bandages, as well as a car jack for those mechanical emergencies. Make sure that your spare tyre is suitable for your car too, as you can’t take your child to school with 3 wheels. You’d be surprised to learn how many people don’t take a spare tyre with them, but you’ll be relieved to have one if the moment arises. 

Safety First

We’re sure that we don’t need to stress this, but car safety is incredibly important. Precautions need to be taken before starting the school run, especially if your children are younger. The nightmare of installing a new car seat is something that every parent must experience. You must ensure that each seat is installed correctly and securely, while also ensuring that your child is comfortable. It can be tricky if you need to install and remove car seats often, but it is something that you get the hang of with time. 

For those with older children, you should still check areas of the car that can become damaged with wear and tear. Your battery, brakes and headlights are incredibly important, so if you begin to notice a difference in performance, you might want to get them checked out. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when you’ll be driving back and forth on the school run. 

Own the School Run

While the start of the school run can be an emotional time, especially for younger children, you can be confident that you’re prepared for every endeavour. A safe journey makes it that much easier and usually results in happy passengers and even happier drivers. If tyres are your main concern, then we’re happy to help. Contact our team if you’re not sure what you’re looking for or enter your number plate to find options that match your vehicle. 

  • Get Your Car Ready for The School Run with Our Top Tips
  • Get Your Car Ready for The School Run with Our Top Tips

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