How to fix a puncture on a car tyre.

A tyre with a puncture.

New research has found that more than half of drivers in the UK can’t repair a puncture, even though 47.5% of cars come with a puncture repair kit. One of the most common causes of callouts to break down companies are due to tyre punctures, accounting for around 200,000 call outs per year. Can we reduce this or is it necessary to call for assistance when a car suffers from a tyre puncture?


What causes a puncture?


The main causes of a tyre puncture are:
-Sharp objects on the road which can pierce the tyre such as nails.
-The wrong tyre type. Click here to check what tyres which are most suitable for your vehicle.
-The tyres valve stem failing.
-Worn tread.
-An over or under inflated tyre.


Repairing a puncture.


In the case of an emergency you can repair a puncture with a repair kit, however, this is a short term fix and you must contact a professional ASAP. The other solution is to change the tyre.
It will completely depend on the instructions from the manufacturer of the kit on how to inflate the tyre. However, it will be similar to the below:
1) Remove the dust cap and valve core.
2) Apply the sealant.
3) Replace the valve core.
4) Inflate to 20psi.
5) Drive a short distance to allow it to spread out evenly.
6) Inflate the tyre pressure.
7) Add the warning dust cap.


It can prove fairly simple to fix a puncture on a car tyre in the case of emergency, however it is essential to seek the advice of a professional. Take a look at quality tyres from Asda Tyres.

  • How to fix a puncture on a car tyre.
  • How to fix a puncture on a car tyre.

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