Must-Have Tools For A Road Trip

Whether you are just popping to the shops or venturing out on a lengthy road trip, it is always important to have a selection of tools in the car with you in case of any emergency or break down. You may not be a handyman or mechanic but there are a few things you can have in your tool kit to make sure you can get home or to a repair shop safely if you were to run into any car trouble during your journey.  

Socket and screwdriver set

Even if your car is the most expensive, modern model there is, things sometimes can still come loose, due to multitudes of reasons. For example, vibrations or age. The battery terminal connection could be loose, you could have a slipped hose clamp or simply any obvious loose parts under the hood. Even if you do not know exactly what you are looking for, just pop the hood and check for any loose or disconnected parts. 

For the most versatile of jobs, it is best to get a set with multiple socket sizes and trips for the most flexibility. This way you are likely to always have what you need. 

Duct tape

This might not seem like the most technical of tools, but duct tape can actually be a great temporary fix until you can get to the safety of your home or repair garage. From fixing any damaged body work, to emergency fixes on hoses, great quality tape can patch your car up back together temporarily, as well as being useful for multitudes of situations, automotive or not.  

Tow strap

Tow straps are an essential for manoeuvring a stranded or disabled car from short to medium distances by a friend, family member, or friendly passers by vehicle. Their length and extra strong nature can also make tow straps perfect for tying anything down to the top or back of your vehicle, as well as seconding as a rescue rope. You will need to make sure you have read your owner’s manual to find out the right tie-down and tow points on your car before adding it to your tool box. If you go to use it and the strap is improperly placed, it can cause major damage to your cars structure. 

Air Compressor 

An air compressor is a vital part of your tool kit. Your tyres are in constant contact with the road and therefore are most susceptible to hazards and damage. Especially driving in remote areas, having an air compressor to hand is a comforting thought. They are available to purchase in a variety of qualities and capabilities. 

These air compressors will compensate for any slow leak you may have until you can get to somewhere that can fix it. 


In relation to speaking about flats, a cordless wrench will be a life saver. If you have had the experience of changing a tyre during the cold rainy days that England has to offer most of the time, you will know that anything that makes the job quicker is a blessing. Cordless impact wrenches can be bought with cordless drills that share a common battery. Just be sure that the wrench you purchase is the proper size socket for your vehicle.

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