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Top 5 Bridgestone Tyres of 2019

Bridgestone Tyre in Thailand

Tyred of looking for hours on end for tyres that are right for your car? Well in this post, we will go through the top 5 tyres from Bridgestone that have been the standout performers of 2019, so you don’t have to look anymore. 

One of the household names that you think of when someone says car tyres are Bridgestone. After years and years of manufacturing tyres from the highest quality, providing quality service and technology, Bridgestone has been able to collaborate with some of the biggest brands in the automotive industry. Some of which include, Mercedes, Porsche and BMW.

Bridgestone has had a stand out year this year, thanks to their constant reinvestment into their research and development, they have ranges of tyres that are designed for a variety of cars and their needs. These include everyday tyres, winter tyres, eco tyres and high-performance sport tyres and that is where we will kick off this top 5 list.

1. Dueler D-Sport

The Dueler Sport is an ultra-high-performance Bridgestone tyre that is perfect for 4X4’s and SUV vehicles. With first-class handling and stability available, they are a great combination and make them a brilliant tyre for both wet and dry conditions. Carefully constructed the tread increases grip, which means that braking distance is reduced and responsiveness is increased.

Bridgestone Dueler D-Sport Car Tyre

2. Turanza T005

Sold as a premium summer tyre, this also has excellent braking on wet surfaces. This performance on wet conditions places the tyre at the top of its class. This special tyre also provides unparalleled rolling distance on a range of many different surfaces, which demonstrates, the ultimate prowess and integrity that Bridgestone show in the touring tyre sector.

Bridgestone Turanza T005 Car Tyre

3. Blizzak LM005

With it being the winter season, we couldn’t not include one of Bridgestones best winter tyre. With the cold unpredictable weather rolling in, with this tyre, you can assure that you have precise steering, strong stability and a strong grip on slippy surfaces. With a directional tread pattern, it allows for ultra-strong and reliable grip on cold and icy surfaces. Additionally, the horn-shaped groove that can be seen on the tyre in the image above is there to remove any of that awful stuff we hate… slush. Finally, the rounded blocks on the end of the tyres are there to increase the contact between the tyre itself and the road, this increases braking distance massively, keeping you safe this winter.

Bridgestone Blizzak LM005 Car Tyre

4. Weather Control A005

Manufactured as an all-season tyre, this is the highest-ranked label for wet grip. Its performance is great in wet, dry and winter conditions and the sheer durability of the tyre is what makes it impressive and essential to most drivers across the globe. The high number of slots in the tyres shoulder help to increase the tyre’s capabilities in the wettest of conditions. Additionally, within the tyre contains a high silica content within the compound, meaning it is still highly responsive and flexible during dry weather.

Bridgestone Weather Control A005 Car Tyre

5. B250

Being at the lower end of the price range, people don’t expect a lot from this tyre. However, it provides excellent balance and reduces aquaplaning and noise levels. Additionally, with the carefully designed tread pattern, you gain improved grip and traction, which therefore reduces braking distance and is also extremely ideal in wet conditions. Perfect for smaller to medium cars, this tyre provides you with comfort, safety and performance.

Bridgestone B250 Tyre

There you have it then… our top 5 tyres from Bridgestone this 2019. We hope we’ve helped you find the right tyre for your car and put a stop to the endless looking.

  • Top 5 Bridgestone Tyres of 2019
  • Top 5 Bridgestone Tyres of 2019

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