Why Is It Vital To Check Your Tyre Pressure?

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A lot of drivers make the mistake of not checking their vehicles tyre pressure, which can result in the driver having to invest time and money into replacing or repairing their tyres in the future. Drivers often presume that it can be fairly difficult to check tyre pressure, as around 1/3 of drivers admitted that they rarely checked it, however it is a simple and free task which you can carry out yourself!

How To Check Tyre Pressure?

Tyre pressure can be measured by calculating the value of air which has been pumped into the inner lining of the tyre. This will either be measured in pounds force (PSI) or bar pressure. You can find the correct tyre pressure in your vehicles manual, inside the petrol cap and printed on the inside ledge of the drivers door. It is recommended to check your tyre pressure around once a month and prior to long journeys. Tyre Pressure must be checked on cold tyres.

Extend The Life Of A Tyre

When a tyre obtains the correct amount of pressure, the life-span of the tyre is increased. Over inflated tyres are more prone to damages and gain premature wear on the centre of the tyre. Whereas, an under inflated tyre gains wear on the shoulder of the tyre. A lot of money can be saved by simply checking tyre pressure!

Improve Vehicle Safety

There are many dangers of driving with under or over inflated tyres, which can be eliminated by carrying out a few simple steps to pump your tyre pressure to the correct amount. Tyres could severely deflate due to endurance being decreased and the risk of aquaplaning can be increased due to incorrect tyre pressures.

Maintain Fuel Efficiency

Poor tyre pressure increases fuel consumption. According to a recent study, 20% of a vehicles fuel consumption is used to combat rolling resistance of tyres, however if tyres are under inflated, this figure is increased even further. Not only will the correct tyre pressure save you money, it will also lower you CO2 emissions.

Improve Road Handling

The overall road handling of the vehicle will be improved when the tyre contains the correct amount of pressure. An under inflated tyre can lead to poor road handling, as it results in the steering being less precise. On over inflated tyre can also have negative affects on road handling as breaking distances can be increased and can lead to a loss of grip, especially in the winter months.

Blow Outs

Reduce the risk of potential blow-outs with the correct tyre pressure. If the tyre is under inflated, the vehicle may not be supported sufficiently, due to the lack of air. As extra pressure and friction will be placed onto the tyre, excessive heat could be built up leading to a blow out.

The severity of tyre pressure is often overlooked by UK motorists, as around a quarter are driving with a dangerously under inflated tyre. In the UK, there are around 25 deaths and 1,500 serious injuries to over or under inflated tyres. The dangers can reduced and prevented by motorists simply checking their tyre pressure.

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  • Why Is It Vital To Check Your Tyre Pressure?
  • Why Is It Vital To Check Your Tyre Pressure?

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