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A Continental Christmas Tale: Tyres past, present and future

A child sleeping in the back of a car while her dad drives at night

As the year draws to an end, all of us at Asda Tyres are looking forward to the festive season, and we wish our customers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Even in today’s hectic, modern age, the holiday season is full of tradition, including storytelling. With this in mind, we set this scene…

It was a cold winter’s night, and the moonlight danced on the ice-covered road. A young family travelled to their Christmas destination, but danger lurked around every corner of the winding country lanes. While he knew to remain vigilant and take nothing for granted as he drove, the young driver gave thanks for having had the good sense to fit Continental winter tyres. Not every driver had the foresight to fit premium tyres, and many ended up paying the price of driving on cheap, budget tyres on cold, treacherous roads.

After what seemed an eternity driving, the young man rounded the final corner before finally arriving at his destination, safely. As his family gave out a whoop of joy, the young driver reflected on how he had come to his decision to fit Continentals. It hadn’t been a simple task, at least not to begin with, because of all the noise and complexity that accompanies the tyre selection process. 

Thankfully, having invested a sizeable amount of time researching the subject online, and reading many independent reviews and tests, he’d concluded that what he really needed was a set of tyres from a manufacturer that not only had a proven track record of innovation and expertise, but which was also recognised as such by the motoring industry – with an up-to-date track record of award-winning products.

Additionally, given the young driver’s understandable concern for the environment, and his own impact on the planet, the tyre manufacturer would need to be able to demonstrate its commitment to the sustainable tyres of tomorrow. This was especially important for his family, as all of them are keen to play a more active role for a greener world and reduced carbon footprint.

An old photo of mechanics testing continental tyres

Continental Tyres Past

Founded in 1871, Continental has an unrivalled history of tyre innovation and expertise, particularly when it comes to safety. Their contribution to tyre and driving technology is second to none, with a long list of milestones including the invention of the detachable wheel rim – an innovation that helps to save time and effort when changing a tyre – and the introduction of the first giant pneumatic tyres that replaced the solid tyres.

Then there’s Contiseal™, Continental’s self-sealing tyre technology that negates the need for an immediate roadside stop to change the tyre. One particular milestone of immediate relevance to our young driver is Continental’s launch of the studless Conti-Contact winter tyre, which paved the way for today’s exceptional, award-winning winter tyre range.

Continental Tyres Present

As a result of this illustrious heritage, Continental tyres are now fitted to almost one in three new cars that leave the automotive factories of Europe, every day. Continental’s OE – original equipment – is tried and trusted by many of the world’s most famous and popular car makers. So is much of their electronic driver assistance technology.

So good are their tyres that Auto Express, the UK’s biggest-selling weekly car magazine, bestowed upon Continental their prestigious 2019 Product of the Year award, following an unprecedented awards hat-trick of Summer, Winter and All-season Tyre of the Year success in 2018. No other tyre manufacturer has ever achieved this unique clean sweep.

A scientist examining dandelion plants

Continental Tyres Future

While some might rest on their laurels and bask in the adulation of the past and present, Continental is already looking to the future of tyres and the motoring of tomorrow. Arguably the most important innovation they are developing is a line of sustainable tyres manufactured from dandelion rubber.

This award-winning technology is now available for some commercial vehicle tyres, and it is intended to be incorporated into passenger light truck vehicles in the not so distant future. This is important since, if successful, it could lead to a reduction in the need for traditional resources typically obtained from rubber tree plantations. That could mean less need for deforestation in some of the world’s most precious ecosystems, something we all want, right?

Furthermore, dandelion rubber can be produced on land not usually suitable for growing plants, including urban and industrial sites in developed nations. Potentially, this could take place next to Continental’s tyre manufacturing facilities, and as a result, dramatically reduce transportation requirements and the associated emissions and carbon footprint. For these reasons and more, Continental is helping to achieve a sustainable, greener future for us all.

A family opening presents at Christmas in their home

Getting There

As our young driver finally reached his destination, he took comfort in the knowledge that he had wisely invested in a set of tyres that provided the performance, comfort and safety necessary to protect his family. And when it came to replacing his tyres the next time, he knew in his heart that it would be with Continentals, thanks to their unrivalled past, present and future.

  • A Continental Christmas Tale: Tyres past, present and future
  • A Continental Christmas Tale: Tyres past, present and future

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