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Commonly Asked Questions When Buying New Tyres

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With so much choice available, buying new tyres can feel stressful. Which ones are right for my vehicle? Do I need different tyres for the summer than I do for the winter? These are all things you may ask yourself while you’re browsing through row after row of tyres. 

To help you guide you through the sometimes confusing world of tyres, we have answered some of the burning questions you may be asking.

Which Tyres are Right for Your Car?

There are many factors you should consider before choosing new tyres. The main things you should take into account are what you use your vehicle for, and your driving style. For example, if you drive a long commute daily to work, you might want to opt for a sturdy, premium set of tyres like those from brands like Goodyear

However, if you only drive your car short distances for short periods of time, you may only need something a little cheaper. You should also take into consideration things like the terrain you drive on. 

How Do I Know My Tyre Size?

It is important to know your tyre size before you buy so you don’t end up ordering incorrect tyres. Having the appropriate tyres fitted to your car allows for safety and performance, and ensures compatibility. 

You can find your tyre size on the sidewall of your tyres, or in your manual or documentation. 

Do They Have to be From the Same Brand?

It is a legal requirement for you to have the same tyre across the same axle. However, it is good practice to use the same tyres for all four wheels, because it will give you a more consistent level of performance and they are more likely to wear at the same rate.

Summer or Winter Tyres?

Tyres that are specially designed for a particular season, are going to have a higher performance level during that season. Summer and winter tyres are designed for temperature, rather than actual weather, so switching to tyres designed for each season will help them to perform better, keeping you safer on the roads. 

In addition to summer and winter tyres, you’ll also find a selection of all-season tyres at Asda Tyres, such as the Goodyear Cargo Vector, which is a happy medium. Read more about all-season tyres here

Premium or Budget Tyres?

Whether or not you opt for premium or budget tyres will depend on your driving habits, as mentioned earlier. However, premium tyres are designed to offer maximum safety and performance, and although they carry a higher price tag, they will last longer than there budget counterparts. This is more economical and will save you money long-term.

When is it Time to Buy New Tyres?

There are a few clear signs that you need new tyres that you should be looking out for. If your tread depth is below the legal limit of 1.6mm, you definitely need a new set of tyres. But, your stopping distances and your tyre’s ability to brake is severely affected once your tread depth falls below 3mm, so you may want to consider investing in some new tyres sooner.

Apart from your tread depth, you might also need new tyres if you find cuts, bulges and other issues that can’t be fixed. 

For more advice about buying tyres, take a look at the rest of our blog and our help and advice centre. 

  • Commonly Asked Questions When Buying New Tyres
  • Commonly Asked Questions When Buying New Tyres

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