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How to Prepare Your Tyres for an

It’s a time of year that many people dread, time to take your car for its annual MOT test. It’s worrying for most because finding out that your car has

The future of driving will be connected

6 Road Trip Essentials for This Summer

  • Run flat tyre with puncture

    What are run flat tyres?

    What is a run flat tyre? Run flat tyres or self supporting tyres are designed for the purpose of remaining functional for a short while with no air pressure in
  • rack of new tires

    Why is tyre tread depth so important?

    Many motorists do not understand the importance of tyre tread depth and the effects it can have on their vehicles, themselves and other drivers. It is the measurement between the
  • Why Is It Vital To Check Your Tyre Pressure?

    A lot of drivers make the mistake of not checking their vehicles tyre pressure, which can result in the driver having to invest time and money into replacing or repairing
  • pouring oil into a car

    How to Tell If a Car Needs an Oil Change

    There are many checks which are essential when carrying out vehicle maintenance, one of the most necessary of all is changing the oil. It is a simple check which needs
  • Top 10 Car Tyre Tips

    It is vital to remember that your tyres are the only thing separating your vehicle from the road, hence it is of paramount importance to remember that every care should
  • Continental Tyres Voted A Consumer Superbrand 2015

    – Respected annual Consumer Superbrands® list features Continental Tyres among the UK’s strongest consumer brands – Continental Tyres has been awarded Consumer Superbrands status for 2015, following the most recent
  • MOT Checklist: What Mechanics Check For

    MOT tests are designed to examine your vehicle and ensure that it is safe to drive. Many of us hand our cars over to a garage each year completely unaware
  • part worn tyres

    The Dangers of Part Worn Tyres

    Many people wait to change their tyres until the tread has reached the minimum legal limit. Some even buy part worn tyres to replace their existing ones once the wear